Level up Games - South Saint Paul
Level Up Games — Eagan

For the past nine years, the Level Up family of stores—South Saint Paul founded in 2010, Eagan founded in 2017, Mead Hall acquired in 2017, and Hastings founded in 2019—have gotten the distinct joy of serving the Twin Cities' myriad gaming communities, from intense Commander casuals in Minneapolis to Minnesota's stiffest Smash Bros. competitions in South Saint Paul. Today, we bear the burden of sharing the news that the two larger stores in our family—South Saint Paul and Eagan—will be closing their doors during the next two months.

The world of gaming has changed dramatically since we opened our first modest shop in 2010, and we have done spectacularly keeping up with the times, from embracing the rise of esports and digital card games to the resurgence of physical board gaming spurred, perhaps, by the growing digitalization of our daily lives. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, the large-scale gaming-center model struggles in the late 2010s, and our two larger stores, though a home-away-from-home for hundreds of gamers every week, have reached a point where keeping their doors open going forward is no longer sustainable.


With this in mind, schedules and events at South Saint Paul and Eagan are shifting.

- Sunday, September 1 will be the final day for weekly events at South Saint Paul and Eagan.

- Beginning Tuesday, September 3, Eagan and South Saint Paul will operate on reduced hours: 12PM to 8PM.

- Tentatively, Eagan is planned to be closed first, in late September, with South Saint Paul following in late October.


As a result of our events calendar shifting, we are also canceling all Throne of Eldraine prerelease events at all four Level Up stores, including Mead Hall and Hastings. Any customers who have already signed up for prerelease events online can expect a digital refund by Friday, September 6. If you preregistered for a prerelease event in-store, please contact the store directly for assistance. Booster box preorders (and their associated buy-a-box promos and promotional packs) will operate as normal, and any customers who opted to pick up their boxes at Eagan will have the option of picking them up at any of the other Level Up locations that are still open.

This whole decision has been a taxing, impossible one for everyone involved, and the Level Up family feels splintered and incomplete in its wake. All that being said, we have loved every moment we have gotten to share with every one of you, whether you came in as a customer, player or spectator at Level Up Games — South Saint Paul and Level Up Games — Eagan. We hope that you continue to discover your gaming passions at our Hastings and Minneapolis stores, which are remaining open without interruption. Until our paths cross again, may your rolls always be natural 20s and may you never drop your combos.

Thank you.

Josh M., Level Up Social Media, on behalf of the full Level Up organization.