Trade in overview:

Level Up offers a trade in program. We offer both store credit or cash as a payout option. Trade-ins must be in working condition. Hardware must have all original components in order to receive full credit amount. All trade ins are subject to management approval. All Trades are final. Store credit cannot be combined with any other offer or discounts. Level Up payout for store credit is ~50% of item’s current market value. Level Up payout for cash is ~33% of item’s current market value. All trade in quotes are good for 24 of the original offer.

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what does level up take in on trade?

Level Up takes in a variety of nerd related items in for trades for both store credit or cash. Some of the most frequently traded in items are:

-Magic the Gathering cards

-Pokemon cards

-Video games

-Consoles & accessories

-RPG Books

If you have any questions about other items you would like to trade in feel free to visit our locations.

condition guide:

Level Up uses condition based pricing for both trading cards games & video games/systems. If you have any questions on card conditions check out the TCGPlayer Condition Guide for a great overview. For more information on video game condition, check out the Price Charting FAQ's. You can always visit the store with items if you have questions regarding conditions as well. 

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